Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Many Leveling Guides Have You Tried?

It’s a simple question and one that I’ve heard a few times myself. I write about these things all the time and yet I don’t know that I’ve ever actually counted the number of leveling guides I’ve tried out. I would imagine the number is between 5 and 8 though I know for a fact I’ve only ever completed an alt with two of those guides – the other ones were not very good. Which brings me to the point – a new guide I’ve recently discovered that I thought my fellow players might be interested in – Extreme Leveling.

The New Kid on the Block

It’s a new guide for sure, but I’ve been hearing about Extreme Leveling for some time now. Whether it is the owners hyping their product or real buzz circulating the net, it’s always hard to tell, but I do know that it has been building and I had heard some very interesting things, especially from the guide’s creator, gamer Shawn Woods. Back a few weeks ago when I first talked to Shawn, I asked him what the guide would entail and he told me “a completely new method for leveling”. I thought it was just hype again because how many different ways can there actually be to level a character in World of Warcraft.

The Guide in Action

Fast forward a few weeks and the guide is now in my hands. Let me just say I’m incredibly shocked – Shawn actually managed to pull through with this promise and provide a completely new means of leveling and it works – it downright works.

First of all, this is a guide that tosses many of the conventions you’re used to in leveling guides. It starts from scratch, using Shawn’s own expertise and builds from there. It continues to grow and by the time you reach the end of the guide, I’d be shocked if you haven’t beat your own record for leveling time.

You’re going to get in-game mods, detailed maps, both factions, and unlimited updates for Extreme Leveling your guide, but that’s not really what this guide is all about. This guide is about you getting the best for your money and in terms of what Shawn provides in versus what other writers provide in their leveling guides, you are not going to get any better. I’m leveling my alts with this guide from here on out – you can count on that.


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