Friday, November 13, 2009

How to lose in Alterac Valley

There is one surefire way to lose in Alterac Valley. All you need to do is grab Stonehearth Graveyard at the start of the battle and defend it with everything you have. Don't let it go for anything. Hang on to it so hard that it blinds you to everything else, the Horde capping the bunkers around you, the Horde capping the bunkers in Dun Baldar. Just concentrate on holding onto SHGY and you are guaranteed a loss.

Holding SHGY keeps the Horde rezzing in front of you as you are trying to advance. You will not be able to hang on to Iceblood Tower. You will not be able to hang onto Tower Point. You won't be able to cap Iceblood Graveyard because the Horde are going to be rezzing there or Frostwolf Graveyard and will just keep running over you. You most definitely will not be able to hold Frostwolf Graveyard and forget about hanging onto anything in Frostwolf Keep, the Horde are right there in your face.

Now that you haven't been able to get a forward graveyard because the Horde are rezzing in front of you, you get to go back to SHGY when you die, good thing you have that.....

This is not rocket science, it is just simple common sense. The thing that really baffles me is it is the same people grabbing SHGY battle after battle. The same people causing us to lose AV battle after battle. You can't get through to them, you can explain it until your fingertips are bleeding but they just don't get it. You can't reason with them. It is the first cappable item you come to out of the cave and they just have to have it. It is not a bad idea to get it and put up a LITTLE bit of a fight for it, to buy offense a little time, and keep the Horde fighting there instead of running into Dun Baldar, but you don't hold it.

I have seen people hang onto SHGY and leave Dun Baldar wide open, the Horde are just riding by SHGY because they can just cap Stormpike Graveyard, there is no one there except the AFK.

That is how you lose in AV, 99 times out of 100. The other 1 time out of 100, where you can win while holding it, is when half the Horde are AFK and it is the first time the other half have ever been in AV. Other than that you are screwed.

Take heed people and smarten the hell up!


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