Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nightelf Mohawk - "It's Time to Pity Some Fools"

Now you too can be a Nightelf Mohawk, just like Mr. T. This is something Mr. T and Blizzard cooked up I guess. You can get a Mohawk Grenade from outside any starting area. Just look for the Nightelf Mohawk standing there. When you talk to him you have to click on the 'link' that says "I believe in you" and he gives you a Mohawk Gernade that lasts 24 hours and has 5 charges to it. You use it on a group of people and it transforms them into Nightelf Mohawks whether they want it or not. You target then just like you target an AoE spell. You can remove the buff, just like any friendly buff, by right clicking on it. It is just one more interesting thing to do while it lasts. There is not time frame on how long this will be available.


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