Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shattrath Daily Fishing - Crocolisks in the City 2/6/10

When Brieanna went to see Old Man Barlo, (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest, today for the daily fishing quest he gave her Crocolisks in the City again. I got my fishing up to 290 so I figured I could do any of the daily fishing quests he had if I used a +100 lure along with the +25 my fishing pole gives me.

This one had me taking the portal to Stormwind and heading over to my spot in the canals. I got my Baby Crocolisk pretty fast today, 7 casts. I hearthed back to Dalaran from there and took the portal back to Shattrath to save time.

Back in Shattrath I flew over to see Old Man Barlo and exchange the Baby Crocolisk for a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Today my Bag of Fishing Treasures had 6g62s89c, 6 Sharpened Fish Hooks, which is what I was hoping for, a Razor Sharp Fillet Knife and Snarly's Bucket. Evidently Snarly is Toothy's evil step twin, they look identical. That was a nice surprise, I had never seen that one before. That's 2 rare pets in the first 2 Shattrath Daily fishing quests I have done, pretty lucky. Maybe I will get The 2 Ring tomorrow lol.


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