Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Random Heroic Dungeon 4/6/10

The first thing I do every night when I log on to Gomorra and Brieanna is queue for the Random Daily Heroic Dungeon. It usually takes about 15 minutes for the dungeon finder to put together a group so I do the daily cooking and fishing quests while I am waiting. The Daily Random Heroic Dungeon is a 5 man dungeon.

The first random heroic you complete pays you 26g46s and 2 Emblem of Frost, every one you complete after that pays 13g23s and 2 Emblem of Triumph. Every boss you kill gives you another Emblem of Triumph. If we control Wintergrasp, which we usually do, you will also receive Stone Keeper's Shards. You can use the emblems to buy gear and you can use the Stone Keeper's Shards to buy heirloom gear, honor and mounts. You can also buy heirloom gear with emblems but you have to trade them around first.

Today Gomorra's Daily Random Heroic Dungeon was Trial of the Champion. This one isn't bad, for the first part you mount steeds and fight other mounted mobs in a jousting manner.

After that the Trial of the Champion consists of facing three of these five Grand Champions of the Horde:

The second round consists of facing one of these two bosses:

The third round consists of facing:

You can get some decent rewards from this one, Gomorra got a cape today that was the last piece he need to complete the Epic achievement.

Brieanna's Daily Random Heroic Dungeon was Forge of Souls. This is another easy one but the group I was in today wasn't very well geared so it was harder than it had to be. That is ok though, people have to get geared somewhere and the heroic dungeons are a good place to do it, some pretty nice gear drops in them that can help you along your way to the really good stuff. In this dungeon you fight an assortment of trash mobs and 2 bosses, Bronjahm and then the Devourer of Souls. Personally I think the first boss is harder than the second in this one. They both drop some pretty decent loot, Brieanna got the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion today and Gomorra got his sword, Seethe, in there on a previous run, both from the Devourer of Souls.


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