Sunday, April 18, 2010

Molten Core (Dungeon)

I did a Molten Core run on Gomorra tonight. I had never done it before and it turned out to be a really fun run. Molten Core is one of the original 40 man level 60 raids in World of Warcraft.

A couple days ago someone was looking for an attuned Warlock for Molten Core. Gomorra was not attuned so I decided to do the attunement on him. That took me all of about 10 minutes at level 80. Today someone was again looking for people to do Molten Core so I signed up.

The people in our group ranged in level from 64 to 80. Needless to say we didn't have 40 people in our raid, we started off with 9 and finished up with 5. We had no problem at all.

As usual people had to leave or just left for various reasons and our group got whittled down to 5 people by the time we faced Ragnaros, the last boss in Molten Core. He is a huge, Fire Elemental I guess you would call him, and it was a really fun fight. I can see how tough this instance would be in a 40 man raid where everyone was level 60. I won a robe just so I would have a momento of my trip through there. I also won 16 Void Shards that other stuff was DE'd into when we rolled for them at the end. That will come in handy for Brieonna's enchanting later on.

Here are some screen shots I took while I was in there.


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