Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brieonna - Level 74 Holy Priest

Brieonna is level 74 now and still doing dungeons. I am up to Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom now. I have a bit of variety of dungeons I queue into now so it is not as boring as when I was stuck just doing Utgarde Keep.

I win new gear almost every day, on rolls, and have been upgrading as I go along. I am usually the best geared person in the group with the exception of level 80's that sometimes end up in our groups. I was better geared than our level 77 tank we had tonight.

I only had one really bad run tonight and that was with a Warrior tank. I could not keep him alive no matter what I did. As usual I felt like it was my fault. Eventually he was kicked from the group and the rest of the group told me there was nothing wrong with my heals, it was the tank. He had a pretty good gearscore so he either wasn't in the right gear or he wasn't using the right spec, either way he was taking massive damage fast and dying quicker than I could cast. Usually when that happens we all die and this was no exception. We got another tank in and it was a breeze from there on out.

The only quests I have been doing lately are dungeon quests and they pay some pretty good gold. I really need to start doing more questing or I am not going to have reputation with anyone when I hit level 80.


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