Sunday, May 2, 2010

Children's Week - Day 1 - 5/2/10

Today Brieonna and Wranngar each took an Orphan from Stormwind and Shattrath and made the rounds with them, taking them to see all the sights they wanted to see. The Orphan from Stormwind is a boy and his name is Randis, the Orphan from Shattrath is a girl and her name is Dornaa. It appears to be the same Orphan every year but they don't seem to age.

This was the first year for Brieonna but it is the third year for Wranngar. Wranngar now has all the pets from both the Stormwind and Shattrath versions of this World Event. Wranngar earned the Veteran Nanny achievement today for his efforts with the Orphans in Shattrath. This time the pet he choose was Sleepy Willy.

There is a lot of running around taking these Orphans everywhere they want to go so you need to do a little planning before you set out. A little advance planning will ensure you don't end up somewhere with your hearthstone on cool down making you wait.

They took the Orphans from Stormwind to the Haunted Lighthouse in Westfall, then from there to the Dam in Loch Modan. After that they hearthed back to Dalaran and took the portal to Darnassus so they could see the bank there which is carved out of the base of a living tree. From there we flew to Theramore Isle to get Lady Jaina Proudmoore's autograph. Randis had one more request after that and that was for some ice cream. We took the boat to Menethil Harbor, then flew back to Stormwind and got him some Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream. After that it is time to head back to the Orphanage where he offers you one of he pets to remember him by.

I got Piglet's Collar on both Brieonna and Wranngar.

The Orphans from Shattrath had a different agenda from the ones in Stormwind which is good, it keeps you from getting bored.

The first place we headed after getting the Orphan, Dornaa, was Aeris Landing to see her brother Jheel who is studying to be a Jewelcrafter. After that happy reunion it was off to the Bone Wastes to see the meeting stone in Auchindoun. Once there she activates the stone opening a portal, that completes that quest. I flew over to Allerian Stronghold and took the flight point to the Dark Portal after that. When she was done looking at the Dark Portal she wanted to go to Exodar and see the Seat of the Naaru, which then sends you to go see the Farseer. This one is pretty cool because she has dreamed about him and while she is there she calls forth 4 elementals at once. After that it is the long haul to her last request, to see the Dragon at the Caverns of Time. You take the boat from Exodar to Auberdeen then fly from there all the way down to Tanaris. That flight takes awhile. Once there you ride over to the Caverns of time and see the Dragon. After that you will need to buy her a toy dragon and you are done, then all you need to do is take her back to the Orphanage in Shattrath.

Back at the Orphanage she offers you one of her pets to remember her by. Wranngar got Sleepy Willy while Brieonna got the Elekk Training Collar.

During the course of the week I will get these done on Brieanna, Gomorra and Breeonna as well.


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