Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cataclysm - November 1st

I pre-ordered my copy of Cataclysm today at the local Game Stop. It is scheduled to be released on November 1st. As November 1st is a Monday and I will be working that day I will not be there at midnight to pick it up, I will pick it up after work.

This gives me 3 months to get my Mage, Shealin, to level 80, that will not be a problem. I am pretty sure Shealin is the last toon I will make but I am not ruling out a Worgen. I will have to see what they have to offer. It won't be as bad as the Deathknights because the Worgen and Goblin will be starting at level 1, so you won't have a lot of people that can't level a character 1 to 80 in their lifetime making one on their daddy's, or mommy's, account. I am so sick of DK tanks that can't tank. It takes more than plate armor to be a tank.

I am pretty excited about flying in Azeroth, that will be pretty nice. That means they will have to open up the entire map. There are some places you see while you are flying on public transportation that you just can't get to. I want to check some of those places out.


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