Monday, August 16, 2010

Shealin - Level 51 Fire Mage - 8/14/10

I haven't been getting on much lately and if I don't watch it I'm not going to have my Mage, Shealin, to 80 before the expansion comes out.

I am not too worried tho, it is going to start getting cold here soon so I will be sticking to the indoors more which will give me more time to play :).

I did two dungeon runs through Temple of Atal'Hakkar, A.K.A. Sunken Temple, on Shealin Saturday. That got me to level 51. We had a couple nice runs. The first group I got into was already in progress, they were about half way through. We finished up without any mishaps, then the next group I got into had the same Druid Tank and Pally in it. That run went really smooth too. I got a nice pair of gloves out of there on the second run.

The Tank in both those runs was great. The Druid was Tanking and the Pally was off-tanking and I didn't pull anything off them, they were holding aggro really well. I was running about 200 DPS more than the next highest person and finished the second run over 80K DPS ahead of the next highest overall. That is the BoA gear tho, that and a lot of AoE's which really add up to some nice DPS because you are hitting and damaging so many mobs at once.

I did a little bit of questing in Tanaris too while I was on. I have the rest of level 51 rested and who knows how much of level 52. Add the double XP to the 20% XP gain I get from killing mobs while wearing my BoA gear and it doesn't take long to level.

I am going to try and get on during the week more, there are people I used to talk to every night that I haven't talked to in awhile.


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