Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gundrak - Random Daily Dungeon 9/19/10

I got on Breeonna for a little while today and did a couple dungeons. The first one I was in was Utgarde Pinnacle.

We were doing great until we got to Skadi the Ruthless. We took him down no problem but 3 of the people there must have been after the mount he drops. One of them was the healer. They left as soon as we attacked the next set of mobs, so there were only 2 of us left. Needless to say that didn't go well. I hate assholes like that, ones that leave in the middle of a fight with no warning. Anyway the group broke up and we didn't finish that one.

The next one I was in was Gundrak. We had a good group and had no problems although the Priest did get killed by the fish while swimming over to the center island. We rezzed him and finished without any problems. That got my random daily heroic out of the way. I am going to try to play more going forward.


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