Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Red Winter Hat and Green Winter Hat - Seasonal Dungeon Drop

Some people like to get the Red Winter Hat and/or Green Winter Hat to complete the Full Winter Garb set. I guess you can get achievements by doing quests wearing it. This is the first year I have gotten the Hat. They only drop in dungeons and I wasn't doing dungeons last Christmas. This year however I have gotten the Red Winter Hat on Gomorra, Brieanna and Breeonna to complete the set. Breeonna also has the Green Winter Hat.

The two dungeons I know of that are dropping the Hats right now are Stonecore and Grim Batol on normal. I am sure other dungeons are dropping them too, but these are the two that I know are dropping them. They are a 100% drop rate. In Stonecore it is dropping off the last boss, High Priestess Azil, and she is dropping the Red Winter Hat. She is actually wearing the Red Winter Hat. In Grim Batol it is dropping off Forgemaster Throngus, and he is dropping the Green Winter Hat.

This is a seasonal drop and will be gone right after Christmas, until next year, so hurry and get yours now.


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