Monday, December 27, 2010

The Road To 85

As posted earlier, both Gomorra and Breeonna are 85 now. Brieanna and Brieonna are both a few bars away from 84 and should be 85 this week.

I have been doing random normal Cataclysm dungeons on Breeonna to get her geared. It sucks that they were all pretty well geared before the expansion came out and I either had to sell or destroy their 245 and 264 gear, but it is garbage now. You get green quest rewards that are better than the 264 gear.

I am working on rep with one of the factions now on Breeonna so I can buy a belt they have. I got their Tabard so all rep I receive in Cata dungeons goes towards their rep. That should take me a couple days at most to become revered so I can get the belt and not much longer after that to be exalted.

I will keep plugging away on Brieanna and Brieonna to get them to 85. I am not sure what I am going to do with Wranngar, I sort of lost interest in him after I stopped PvPing.


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