Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feeling Crabby? - Random Daily Cooking Quest 4/19/11

Today the daily cooking quest from Robby Flay (50,71) in Stormwind City was Feeling Crabby?.

This one had me heading to the canals in Stormwind to catch 10 Canal Crabs. I used to think Cheese for Glowergold in Dalaran was hard because the Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses were so small and hard to target but these are small and moving so it is even worse.

I jumped in the canal on Wranngar and switched to swim form, so I wouldn't have to keep surfacing for air, and started swimming around. The Canal Crabs are just wandering around and you have to click on them like you are looting them. It only takes a few minutes to get the 10 you need if there are not a lot of people doing the daily at the same time. If there are it can take awhile.

Today there was no one else doing it so I got it done in a few minutes. Once I had the 10 Canal Crabs I needed I headed back over to Robby Flay to turn them in. Today he gave me 9g40s and 2 Chef's Awards. I would have also gotten +1 to my cooking skill if my cooking skill wasn't already maxed at 525. I am only doing this now for the Chef's Awards so I can buy the rest of the Cataclysm cooking recipes.

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