Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aman'Thul Down 4/30/08

I checked again at 7PM and the server is still down. You can check the Realm Status
here but it never seems to be right, it is saying that Aman'Thul is up right now when it is not. I created a new character Whelzely on a US server while I was waiting. The server is Jaedenar and it is a RPPVP server. I will see how that works out, should be interesting to say the least. I got Whelzely up 5 levels in an hour. She is a Night Elf Druid. I am also leveling another Druid on Aman'Thul, Sylventa, she will be Resto spec when I am done. I really like the versatility a Druid gives you. I haven't worked on Sylventa much, she is only level 11 but I do work on her once in awhile when I have my daily's done and am bored with the battlegrounds. That doesn't happen too often :).


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