Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Servers Down 4/30/08

I tried to log in today and the server was down for Aman'Thul along with a bunch of other servers. I can't complain too much, usually when the servers are having problems Aman'Thul is fine. I took that opportunity to download and install Deadly Boss Mods. First I downloaded WoWMatrix then I used that to install Deadly Boss Mods. The Deadly Boss Mod Add-on gives you the GY and Tower timers in the Battlegrounds as well as how long they estimate to win and who they estimate will win based on current conditions. I have been wanting to get this one for awhile but every time I thought of it I was already playing and didn't want to, or couldn't, leave to install it. So now, if the server ever comes back up, I will have that to use in the battlegrounds. I wanted it mostly for AV as that has so many towers, bunkers and GY's. Anyway they say the server will be back up at 1PM PST which is 4PM my time, which is now so I am going to see if I can log in.


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