Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Orphan Week - Dornaa 4/30/08

This is Orphan Week in WoW so I got a Draenei Girl with Wranngar. Her name is Dornaa. I picked her up at the orphanage in Shatt. I took her to see the Dark Portal, visit her brother in Nagrand and to the Circle of Observance in the Bone Wastes. Then she wanted to go see the Seat of the Naaru in Exodar but I thought she would have more fun doing a couple AV's first. I was right, she had a lot of fun. She wasn't any help in combat though. We didn't win but she got 44 HK's :). She can run fast too, she has no problem keeping up with my Swift War Tiger. Then we went to Exodar to the Seat of the Naaru and she saw that. From there we went to The Caverns of Time. We had to wait a long time before she noticed the Dragon and we could complete the quest. After that I got her a souvenir from the CoT gift shop and we were on our way back to Shatt to get her back to the Orphanage before bed time. All in all a pretty easy fun quest with nice rewards, you get to pick between Elekk Training Collar, Egbert's Egg and Sleepy Willy. I got the Elekk Training Collar


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