Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Battlegrounds II 4/14/08

I went back for more :). I did another 5 AB's, 2 wins and 3 losses on Wranngar. It is strange how the Alliance works, on the ones that we won we won by a lot, on the ones we lost we lost by a lot. It really is sad the Alliance can't get it together and achieve some kind of consistency. In one of our wins we had a 4 cap for the whole battle and had a 5 cap for part of it. The other win we had a 3 cap and held it for the whole battle. In AB I usually help capture something then I defend it. I usually go for the Gold Mine or Lumber Mill and in of our wins I helped capture then defended the LM and in the other I helped capture then defended the GM. The Alliance really needs to work on their defense, I saw people ride into a node, claim it, then mount up and ride out, I just can't figure out the logic behind that. In the last battle I was in the only thing we held for any amount of time was the Stables. We had the GM and BS for a little bit but it was mostly ST. Some people wanted to give up and let the Horde win in that one but I have never just let the Horde win anything and I never will. They were worried that they wouldn't get their mark because the server was shutting down for maintenance. I would rather lose the mark than give up and stand there and let the Horde win. The only hope I had in that battle was that no one, Horde or Alliance, would get a mark. Unfortunately the battle ended with 45 seconds left :(. Anyway we had some really good fights and I got a bunch of kills :).


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