Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Battlegrounds 4/15/08

Well today's daily battleground was WSG and I just wasn't in the mood to deal with that. I ended up doing 7 AV's on Wranngar. We had 2 wins and 5 losses :(. You can tell it's spring break and the kids are home from school. We had a major turtle at DB in one battle and in another about 25 people went for Galv first. Needless to say those 2 were losses. We had another turtle at SH which also resulted in a loss. One person actually said that the reason the Horde were rezzing at IBGY was because they were defending it and not because it was their forward GY due to the fact that we had SF and the rest of the Alliance were turtling at SH..... Another one said the troops get upgraded by handing in Ram Hides, not armor scraps..... Yep the kiddies are out in force this week. Anyway in that battle the Alliance turtled at SH and gave the Horde DB. And they weren't even defending SH Bunker, Balinda and IWB, they were only defending SH GY. We won one battle on reinforcements and the other by killing Drek. In the one where killed Drek we used the tried and proven rush FWGY capping towers on the way, then we got FWRH, the towers and finally killed Drek after the towers capped. The one we won on reinforcements we capped all the towers but didn't have time to kill Drek although we almost summoned Ivus the Forest Lord but couldn't get enough people to work together to summon. All in all a pretty bad day for the Alliance. Axeelina needs to get another trinket from honor and said she will be doing battlegrounds with me tomorrow after the daily's. I will let you know how we make out in those.


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