Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily Battleground 4/13/08

Well, the daily battleground was AV again. I did it on Wranngar. It took 4 battles to get a win but it wasn't too bad, a couple of them were pretty good battles. We tried the rush FWRH strategy which didn't work, we didn't have TP or IBT although we did go back and get them but it was too late. There were at least 10 Horde in Drek's room on top of the two Warmasters when they said "All in" so that did not go well at all. Plus Drek was at 150% health because there were 2 towers up. We ended up losing on reinforcements. The other 2 we also lost on reinforcements. The battle we won we won by rushing FWGY but we also picked up IBGY on the way. We capped TP & IBT, killed Galv and got FWRH and the Frostwolf Towers. After that it was a simple matter to kill Drek. All in all it wasn't a bad day in AV.


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