Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daily Battleground 4/5/08

I did the daily battleground on Wranngar. It was Eye of the Storm. It took 5 battles to win :(. Not sure what the Alliances problem is lately. In the 2nd battle the Horde held 3 towers, but in the other 4 we each held 2 towers through the whole battle for the most part. It boiled down to running the flag. The Horde had control of it more in 3 of the battles but in the last battle we controlled it and won 2000/754. Then I went back in for one more which we lost. The Horde 3 capped and for some reason the Alliance seemed more concerned with getting the flag than they did with getting another tower. I have been in groups like that where everyone goes for the flag, which half the time when they do that, we don't even have a tower to bring it to. I helped cap and defend DR and then later, after we lost that, I helped get MT and defend that. Anyway I got 11g99s for my daily battleground. I am going to do some AV a little bit later.


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