Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wranngar AV 04/05/08

I played Wranngar in 10 AV's tonight. It was a really bad night for the Alliance. We had 2 wins and 8 losses :(. There was some pretty poor playing on the Alliances part. In the first battle we managed to get TP, IBT and IBGY and that was about it. There seemed to be no focus in that battle. The next battle was hardly any better. The Alliance used the "Rush FWGY" strategy but didn't bother to cap IBT or TP. When it came down to the line and the Horde were on Vann we had to try Drek with 2 Warmasters in there with him. We failed. The next battle wasn't much different except we had TP and IBT but when we were on Drek and the Horde were on Vann we lost the race. The next battle we won but I didn't have much to do with it. I joined near the end and the Alliance killed Drek while I was on my way to Frostwolf Keep. After that I got into the next one at the start. It was almost a repeat of the second battle except the towers we didn't have when we had to take a try at Drek were East and West Frostwolf. I was trying to tank Drek with 2 Warmasters in with him and either the healer died or there were no heals. We lost that one. In the 6th battle we made a run to FWGY & FWRH. I died while defending FWRH and got sent all the way back to the Stormpike Aid Station in Dun Baldar :(. That is one of the downfalls of rushing FWGY & FWRH, when you die you get sent back to the start. Luckily Wranngar is a Druid and I am able to stealth back to the front lines, it just takes time because you move at reduced speed in Prowl (stealth). I worked my way back up to IBT but defending that until cap then moving on to TP was about as far as I got. We lost that one when the Horde killed Vann. We didn't have TP or either of the towers in Frostwolf Keep. The next one was a loss also. We had all the towers burned, Drek was without his warmasters and we were on him when the Horde killed Vann. The Horde are moving a lot faster now than they had to previous to the 2.4 patch. It is almost like the old AV, previous to 2.3, where you could rush to the opposing factions General and kill him. Of course now you have to have the towers down of you will be taking on Drek/Vann and 4 Warmasters. It seemed to take us a long time to cap IBGY & FWGY and that probably cost us the battle. Then we had another win! Offense worked their way to Frostwolf Keep through heavy defense. I was killed at FW Keep and got sent back to Dun Baldar. From there I just went defense as we were a ways into the game and the Horde were putting a lot of pressure on SPGY. This battle took awhile but we had Galv down, TP, IBT, East and West Frostwolf Towers burned, IBGY and FWGY capped. We won on reinforcements. The next 2 were losses. In one the only forward GY we had was FWRH, so needless to say everyone was spread out. I was going by SFGY, which was in the process of capping for the Alliance, when I noticed there was no one there. This is a problem I see a lot in all the battlegrounds, people claiming something then riding away before it caps. I went up and defended until it capped. It was a pretty easy job, I only had to defend against one Warlock. At that point we had a mid graveyard but it was already too late. We lost that one on reinforcements. We also lost the last one on reinforcements, we weren't even past TP when that one ended.


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