Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daily's Part II 4/5/08

After the battlegrounds I took Wranngar to the Shattered Sun Staging Area to do those daily's. The first 2 I did were Arm the Wards! and Further Conversions. They mobs you have to kill/convert are together so it is easy to do these 2 together. It took me less tan 10 minutes to get these 2 out of the way. I made a total of 18g20s from these 2 quests. Then I ran over to the gateway and did The Battle Must Go On. That took me less than 5 minutes and made me 10g10s. From there I did Taking the Harbor which got me another 11g99s. It took me about 10 minutes to do that one. After that I did Making Ready and one of the three parts of Know Your Key Lines. When I was done there I had to go back to the gateway and do the second part of Know Your Key Lines because I forgot to do it when I was there earlier. I then went and did the third part to that quest and turned in. I made a total of 23g98s for those two quests. Around this time Axeelina logged in so we did the last 2 bombing quests, The Air Strikes Must Continue and Intercept the Reinforcements together. That made me a combined 16g69s. I helped Axeelina do the other quests and get them out of the way before I had to log off. All together today I made 131g43s on daily quests :). Not too bad for the little bit of time it took me. Making all this gold I finally broke down and got the Meta Gem for my helm, Swift Skyfire Diamond.


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