Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scholomance 4/6/08

I helped out a friend with Wranngar in Scholomance today. He needed to do Imp Delivery for his Epic Warlock Mount quest. His character is Jacedic. He had another Druid along, Alleneva, to help out. It went pretty smooth. One of the smoothest Scholomance runs I have been on. We had no deaths and really didn't have any problems. We made our way to Rattlegore, killed some of the mobs around him, then killed him and got the Viewing Room Key. That went really smooth. Then we cleared our way to the viewing room, went through there, killed a couple mobs in the alchemy lab, and released the imp. He did what he had to do and we worked our way back out. All and all a quick easy run. We got the usual blues for drops off the bosses, nothing spectacular. I will give him a hand summoning the Dredsteed when he is ready. I will try to get some good screenshots of that whole process. Gomorra has all the mats to summon and has summoned 6 or 7 of them so far. You would think it would get easier each time but it doesn't :).


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