Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wranngar AV 4/6/08

I had Wranngar in 12 AV's today. It was my daily too so that was a nice bonus:). Wranngar passed Gomorra in lifetime kills tonight. Gomorra has 24,783 lifetime kills and Wranngar had 24,974 when I logged off tonight. I am also a lot closer to my next trinket, Battlemaster's Cruelty, now. I have about 8,000 honor to go :). We had 6 wins and 6 losses. Most of our wins stemmed from rushing FWGY while having a few people cap the towers on the way by then get Galv. Then move on to FWRH and the towers as soon as FWGY is claimed and when everything caps get Drek'Thar. This seems to be working out well but it must be done quickly as the Horde are also moving very fast. A lot of the battles are won from killing the opposing factions General so time is of the essence. Most of the losses we had we were on Drek while the Horde were on Vann but there were a few that were just total confusion, lack of focus and no teamwork. When there is no teamwork it really shows and really hurts. The Alliance has really been working well as a team lately for the most part as is evident by the fact that we are winning a respectable number of AV's again. Of course there was one where everyone turtled at SH and we lost on reinforcements but those are becoming fewer and fewer. Capping IBGY if not too heavily defended works out well too as you get that graveyard just a little before FWGY caps. Getting the towers is a MUST. What most people don't seem to realize is each tower is linked to a Warmaster, when the tower burns the Warmaster goes away. But each tower is also PLUS 25% health to Drek so if the 4 towers are up you have 4 Warmasters PLUS Drek at 200% health to deal with. Yes burning as many towers as you can is a must.


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