Friday, April 4, 2008

Daily's 4/4/08

I am really liking these new daily's. I did them on Wranngar today with Axeelina. We found 3 new daily quests in The Shattered Sun Staging Area for even more gold :). We did 8 quests all together there and I made about 75 gold. The new quests are pretty easy once you figure them out. We ran the bombing quest with the 2 of us so we got that done no problem in 2 runs. One of the new quests involves flying out and setting fire to the sails on 3 boats then landing on a boat and killing 6 of the mobs on it. That one took us 2 runs too but it was the first time we did it. That one is pretty easy so I think with 2 of us, or even solo, we will be able to do it in one run in the future. One problem I did find with the 3 new quests we got was the enormous amount of people doing them at the same time. The mobs were scarce on some of them and there was some lag from the sheer volume of people there.

From there we went back to Shattarath City and Axeelina shared the quest Gaining the Advantage with me. This is a daily quest that pays out 16g39s! It took me about a half hour to do it. I was killing and skinning ravagers. I was getting the Nether Residue I needed for the quest from skinning and I was getting Ravager Flesh from the Ravagers, which I use to make Ravager Dog so it was a win-win situation. And profitable!

After that we went out to The Throne of Kil'Jaeden and did the 2 quests there for another 20 gold. Those 2 quests are pretty easy and don't take too much time, definitely worth doing every day for the 20 gold they pay. All in all tonight I made about 110 gold just doing daily quests.


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