Friday, April 4, 2008

Wranngar Battlegrounds 4/4/08

I finally got my daily AB done on Wranngar. It took me another 5 battles before we had a win. Axeelina was in the last one with me. Then we moved onto AV. I like that they added "Join as Group" as an option when joining AV. It makes it a lot easier to get into not only the same battle but the same group. The Alliance was having a better time in AV, we had 4 wins and 3 losses. The losses were mostly due to not working together towards a common goal. One loss started off with good intentions, stall horde at SH, but went bad when it turned into a turtle of SH. On the wins we rushed FWGY while a few dropped off to cap TP & IBT, in a couple we had ownership of IBGY too. Then we moved on to the East & West Frostwolf Towers and Drek after they capped. In all the ones we won we killed Galv and we also killed him in the ones we lost. Some people don't think Galv is worth getting but he is 62 honor and 100 reinforcements. In the games we lost we still got good honor, 316 from one. AV has evened out a lot in the latest patch and it is possible for the Alliance to win in there again. The strategy that seems to be working best right now is to rush FWGY, with a few dropping off to cap TP & IBT, then move on to FWRH and the towers. After TP & IBT cap those people can go and kill Galv for reinforcements and bonus honor then move up to help with Drek. I am getting closer to my next trinket, Battlemaster's Cruelty, 17,000 honor to go. That shouldn't take too much longer.


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