Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wranngar 4/2/08

I logged off Wranngar at the Throne of Kil'Jaeden last night so I was there when I logged back in. While I was there I went ahead and got the 2 daily quests done, made my 20 gold, then headed to Stormwind and the battlegrounds. I like to fight out of Stormwind because I have the reagent vendor, blacksmith, flypoint and Champions Hall right there. I did my daily EoS, it took 2 battles to get a win. In the first battle they 3 capped us (FRR, MT & BET) and held them while running the flag. In the next battle we did the same thing to them with BET, DR & MT. Then I switched over to Alterac Valley. The first battle was a loss, the Horde killed Vann before we were in any position to Kill Drek, they were moving fast. In the next battle the Alliance reverted to their old ways and decided to hold Stonehearth Graveyard. Stonehearth Graveyard is a good place to stall the horde and slow them down but holding and defending it usually ends up in a turtle. Alliance gets so involved in trying to hold that graveyard that nothing else gets done, resulting in a turtle. That's exactly what happened in this battle and we lost on reinforcements. I'm not really sure what happened in the 3rd battle, the Alliance just fell apart, at least it was over fast. We got IBT & Galv so we got a little honor but that was about it. In the last battle I was in we won! The majority of us rushed FWGY while about 10 stopped on the way and capped TP & IBT. They killed Galv after the towers capped. Meanwhile the group that took FWGY moved up and took the East & West FW towers and FWRH. After towers capped we killed Galv. Tomorrow I will have to go do some hunting, getting low on food.


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