Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/12/08

I fought in 8 battles in AV today on Wranngar. We had 3 wins and 5 losses. It was the residual holiday weekend carrying over. I don't think the holiday weekend actually ends until server reset on Tuesday. In all of our losses except one we never really held anything past Tower Point. In the one loss we did make it past Tower Point we capped FWGY. Galv was done first in almost all our losses which explains the losses. In the wins we had, and it was 5 losses then 3 wins in that order, must have got into a different group of players, we didn't get Galv first but moved to FWGY as a group instead. We capped towers along the way and had all 4 down in 2 of the wins and 3 down in the other when we went for Drek. I tanked Drek in one of our wins and didn't even see him in our losses. In one of the wins we rushed FWRH and it worked, we had people getting the towers on the way and had all 4 down when it was time to kill Drek. Even with all 4 towers down Drek still has 2 elite Frost Wolves with him. I am not sure what Vann has with him when all the towers are down. In our losses we lost all but two on reinforcements. Altogether not a good day for the Alliance in AV.


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