Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wranngar 5/12/08

I helped out Yonezoe some more today with Wranngar. We finished up a couple quests in Tanaris/Gadgetzan then headed to Desolace but the quests there were lower level so we headed to Searing Gorge but the quests there were too high so it was back to The Hinterlands. We did all the quests she was eligible for there and ended up in Darnassus to turn in. She leveled up to 43 yesterday after I logged off and leveled to 44 today :). After that Yonezoe had to log off so I took Wranngar and did the daily cooking quest, just got some meat and a level 9 knife, and Gaining the Advanatge then I hit the battlegrounds. The daily battleground today was Alterac Valley and it took 6 battles before we won one. I ended up fighting in 8 all together. I got a new mace for Wranngar for DPS with my honor. I got Gladiator's Maul. I lose 300 armor when I use that instead of my staff but I get more stamina, strength and attack power in cat and bear form. I will use the mace when I am fighting and use the staff when I am tanking. I had a lot of honor and marks piling up so I decided to spend some. My 2H Mace skill was only 150/350 so I went to Arathi Highlands then Western Plaguelands to level up my 2H mace skill. I got it up to 302 before I called it quits for the day.


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