Sunday, May 25, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/24/08

After the daily battleground I fought in 3 AV's and 3 WSG's on Wranngar. We won one of the AV's and lost 2. In the won we won we rushed FWRH then worked backwards to get the towers and FWGY. We also got Galv in that one and after the Frostwolf Towers capped we went in and downed Drek, a pretty smooth run. In one of the losses I got in late and they were already losing, it appeared they went for Galv at the start, tactical suicide, and then decided to hold SHGY. That caused a turtle at SHGY which eventually moved back to Dun Baldar where we finally lost on reinforcements. In the other loss it was a case of people not working together, some went for Galv at the start, I don't know what the fascination is with him but he has cost us more battles, and a lot of people decided to dismount at IBGY and fight the Horde standing there while only a few actually followed the plan and went to FWGY. Being split up into small groups made it pretty easy for the Horde to wipe us out and we all ended up back in Dun Baldar where everyone decided to turtle and we lost on reinforcements. And of course there were a lot of AFK. I know Blizzard says they are doing something about it and I have read and posted in the forums about it but it appears nothing is being done, the problem is worse than ever. In Warsong Gulch we actually won 2 and lost 1 which was pretty good for a pickup group. In the first battle we won I captured the flag once and in the second battle I captured the flag twice and returned our flag 3 times.


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