Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/5/08

I fought in 5 AV's tonight on Wranngar. We had 2 wins and 3 losses. We had some pretty good battles though even the losses. The first win we had we rushed FWRH, which I don't approve of as it only seems to work about 1 out of 10 times, some people stopped off to cap towers, and after we had FWRH going we got E & W FW Towers. We had all 4 towers down, FWRH & FWGY capped when we went in for Drek. We were able to put him out of his misery pretty quick and easy. The next battle most the same people were back and they wanted to try rushing FWRH again. It didn't work that time. We only had IBT capped and that was pretty late in the battle. We had some pretty good defense in most of our battles and that made a lot of difference in the wins. The other battle we won we got IBGY, TP & IBT then moved on to FWGY & FWRH. Once we had those going we took the E & W FW Towers and then took Drek with 1 tower still up. In the losses we had the Horde were really playing heavy in defense. I don't think we got Galv in any of the battles I was in. One of our losses the Horde won on reinforcements and the other 2 they killed Vann. Not a really good night for the Alliance in AV but I have had worse. I had a lot of fun and killed a lot of Horde :).


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