Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daily Cooking Quest 5/6/08

The daily cooking quest today was Revenge is Tasty. I did it on both Wranngar and Gomorra. It is a pretty easy quest. I had to fly to Skettis then fly around and get a giant Kaliri to attack me in the air and lure it to the ground so I can kill it. This can be tricky as they can dismount you from your flying mount so it is a good idea to stay over the water until you get close to the ground. Once it is dead hopefully it drops a wing but today I had to kill 2 on Gomorra before I got a wing. Once I had the wing I cooked it up with a couple Warp Burgers in the special pot you get with the quest. This quest pays 7g59s and your choice of Crate of Meat or Barrel of Fish. I picked Crate of Meat on both and got some meat, nothing special, no recipes.


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