Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/6/08

I played Wranngar in 5 AV's today. It was the daily battleground. We had 2 wins and 3 losses. I got to tank Drek in one and I tanked Galv in a couple. In one of the battles we won we rushed FWGY, at least some of us did, 4 of us made it there but we held it until it capped :). Then we got 3 of the towers but could not get IBT. We thought IBT was going to cap so we were all waiting to win on reinforcements when the Horde took IBT back with 2 seconds left. We had to really hustle and take down Drek, but we did. We also got Galv in that one and had IBGY. In our other win we rushed IBGY and got that along with TP, IBT and Galv. While we were waiting for those to cap we moved forward and got FWGY, FWRH and the the West Frostwolf Tower. The horde had 2 towers up but they were prodding Vann and he was screaming like a little girl so we took Drek with one tower up. In the 3 games we lost one was really close, we were in the process of capping the FW E & W Towers when the Horde killed Vann. They had 2 towers up. The other 2 losses were just poor teamwork and lack of coordination, one ended in a turtle. I did get a lot of kills though :). The daily for this pays 11g99s and 419 honor.


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