Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blackrock Depths 5/29/08

I helped out a friend, Skullmage, in Balckrock Depths today on Wranngar. We started out with a full group of 5, me, another Druid Mynasgurith, a Hunter who's name I didn't get before they left and a Paladin who's name I didn't get before they left and Skullmage. We were down to 3 in our group by the end, me, Skullmage and Mynasgurith. We didn't have too much of a problem anyway until we all had a DC. I was still alive when I got back on but the other 2 were dead. I tried to rez the Druid so they could rez the Mage but they were still disconnected so they didn't get the rez. They had to run back from the graveyard and were able to find their way back to where they died which was good because I don't know my way around in there, I am more PvP than Dungeons. They were able to get a couple quests done though then Skullmage had to leave so the group broke up before we finished. That is how instances I group for go, that's why I don't do too many of them. Before we got going we were waiting for the hunter to show up and one of the people in our group that we summoned in, Mynasgurith, was flagged for PvP. There were 4 or 5 Horde waiting there outside the instance so I kept an eye on them. I stealthed and just sat there. One of them flagged but they weren't causing any trouble so I left them alone. Sure enough not too long after Mynasgurith got there one of them decided it would be fun to attack him, turned out it wasn't much fun for them. I got the 2 that were flagged and the others wisely decided not to join in. When they came back I just let them go, no honor in killing someone that low, I just did it the first time for payback.


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