Sunday, June 29, 2008

Battlegrounds 6/28/08

I fought in a bunch of battlegrounds today on Wranngar. I did 5 Eye of the Storm, which was the daily battleground today. We won the first one I was in then I went back in and fought in 4 more, we had 2 wins and 3 losses. Not a good day for the Alliance in EoS. It is EoS holiday weekend this weekend and that explains a lot about why we were doing so bad in a battleground we usually do so well in. There were a lot of weekend warriors in there along with a lot of AFK. In a battleground where the teams are made up of 15 players each a couple AFK make a big difference. After that I went on to fight in 12 AV's, 3 wins and 9 losses, the Alliance was doing really bad in there too. There were anywhere from 5 to 10+ AFK per battle and you could tell a lot of the people that were participating, even if it was half heartedly, really didn't know what they were doing and were only there to get some of the gear that just came out. In a few battles, too many, there were people asking why we didn't just go and take down Drek. That should tell you how long it has been since they were in AV. Since patch 2.3 you can no longer just run right to Drek and take him out. Now he is tied into the towers just like Vann is. Each tower, IBT, TP, East Frostwolf Tower and West Frostwolf Tower, represents a Warmaster in with Drek and also gives him +25% to his health. With 4 towers up Drek has 4 Warmasters with him and is at 200% health so it is pretty much impossible to just run down and take him out without taking out at least 2 of the towers. Usually we wait until we have 3 towers down before we even try. We had a few battles that ended up in turtles and lost a lot on reinforcements. There was the usual stupid stuff going on too, going for Galv first and taking and holding SHGY. Holding SHGY gives the Horde no forward place to rez so they are in front of the offense the whole time and we can not advance. I am not sure what it is about that people do not understand but it happens way too often. Hopefully it will straighten out in the coming weeks as the people who are only doing battlegrounds now for honor get the honor they need and go back to PvE.


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