Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dreadsteed 6/28/08

I went into Dire Maul West, an instance in Feralas, and helped someone get their Dreadsteed tonight. It was one of the fastest runs I ever did in there, we were going flat out start to finish. It went pretty smooth considering how fast we were moving. There were 4 level 70 Warlocks, all Demon Spec'd, and a level 66 Rogue. There was me on my Demon Lock, Gomorra, Apothiss a 66 Rogue, Wraithguard a 70 Demon Lock, Riantria a 70 Demon Lock and Zeuswarlord another Demon Lock. We went in there to get Zeuswarlord his Dreadsteed. We went in and took out the 5 pylons to drop the shield around Immol'thar, then we killed him and set up the circle. All the Locks had mats so we were all able to help keep the 3 elements going while helping to fight all the demons that come into the circle, and there are a lot of them. It seems like it goes on for hours but it can't be any more than 10 minutes, I am not sure, I have never timed it. Having the Felguards to help makes a big difference. I remember the first two times I went in to summon the Dreadsteed, the first time for myself and the second time for someone else we wiped at the end trying to set up the circle due to the sheer volume of demons that come out to try and stop you. It does seem like it gets easier each time I do it though. Once we had the portal complete we got patched up and then summoned the Dreadsteed. While you are fighting the Dreadsteed (You have to kill it when it comes through) a Dreadguard (The Dreadsteeds Master) also comes through and you have to kill him too. Once we had the Dreadsteed down all Zeuswarlord had to do was talk to it and get the button to summon his Epic Dreadsteed Mount. All in all a pretty easy run. I will have to go out tomorrow and get some more Soul Shards to replenish my supply, I like to have at least 28 on hand at all times, being a Warlock I use them for everything.


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