Monday, June 9, 2008

Daily Cooking 6/9/08

Today's cooking quest was Soup for the Soul. I did it on Wranngar and I also did Gaining the Advantage while I was at it, I mean I was killing Clefthoof and Clefthoof Bull's in Nagrand anyway. I got a bunch of Knothide Leather which I made into Heavy Knothide Leather and I also got some Thick Clefthoof Leather. Heavy Knothide Leather and Thick Clefthoof Leather go for 45-65 gold a stack on the auction house depending on market prices when you put them on. By the time I was done with Gaining the Advantage I had 12 pieces of Clefthoof Meat so I flew over to the Ancestral Grounds (25,59) and cooked that to make Roasted Clefthoof, then I cooked the Roasted Clefthoof in the pot provided to get Spiritual Soup. I flew back to Shattrath and turned it in. I picked Barrel of Fish for my reward and got, 4 Furious Crawdad, 6 Figluster's Mudfish and a Fisherman Knife. I will be picking Barrel of Fish all week on both toons. I also got the 7g59s this quest pays. Then I turned in Gaining the Advantage and got 11g99s and a Major Rejuvenation Potion.


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