Monday, June 9, 2008

Shadow Labyrinth 6/9/08

I did a run through Shadow Labs on Wranngar today to get my Lower City Reputation up to Honored so I could get the Auchenai Key. I need that to get into Heroic Sethekk Halls to do my Epic Flight quest for Wranngar and get my Epic Flight Form. I got to Honored during today's run and got the Auchenai Key from Nakodu the Lower City Quartermaster. The run went pretty well, we had a good group. The group consisted of Wranngar my 70 Feral Druid, Nummo a 70 Affliction Lock, Soluna a 70 Holy Paladin, Tracool a 70 Marksman Hunter and Lepop a 70 Protection Warrior. Wranngar was DPS and Off Tank, Nummo was DPS and crowd control, Soluna was healing, Tracool was DPS and crowd control and Lepop was DPS and Main Tank. Everyone did their job well and there was good teamwork which always makes an instance run so much smoother. We worked our way to Ambassador Hellmaw and took him down without any problem. He spews acid everywhere but Soluna was able to keep up with the heals so we were good. Then we cleared our way to Blackheart the Inciter and took him down without any problem too. He has this thing he does where he makes you go into a Chaotic Rage where you basically run around like an idiot for 12 seconds, I think it is, and you can't break it. I had my Medallion of the Alliance equipped because some of the mobs in there fear but that wouldn't break it either. After that we cleared our way to Grandmaster Vorpil. We ran into a bit of trouble there when he joined in too early and we ended up wiping. We didn't pull the mobs back far enough. We regrouped and were a little more careful, we got the other mobs pulled back far enough away from him so he didn't join in, cleared them and then took him down. After that it was a matter of making our way to Murmur. We had to work our way through some groups of mobs once we got to his room but that wasn't the problem, the problem was a server reset. Bad time for Blizzard to decide to reset the servers. We were able to clear everything up to him without any problems but we were racing the clock when we went after him. He has this Sonic Boom thing he does that is just nasty. It was hitting me for close to 10,000 damage each time he did it. We were going too fast trying to beat the server reset and ended up wiping there with about 2 minutes left. I don't think wiping on him is unusual, I remember wiping a couple times the last time I was in there with a different group. There just wasn't enough time to get back to him and take him down. Of course after the server reset the instance was fully populated again so we called it a day. All in all not a bad run, one of the more enjoyable runs I have been on lately.


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