Sunday, June 1, 2008

Daily Fishing 6/1/08

I did the daily fishing quest on both Wranngar and Gomorra today. It was The One That Got Away. I had to fly out to Sunspring Outpost in Nagrand and fish in the lake there for the World's Largest Mudfish. I caught it on Wranngar in about 4 or 5 catches, I had a few that got away, my fishing on Wranngar is only 316, but it took about 15 casts on Gomorra to get one. In my Bag of Fishing Treasures for Wranngar I got: 7g47s83c, Sharpened Fish Hookx6 and a Razor Sharp Fillet Knife. In Gomorra's Bag of Fishing Treasures I got: 6g50s15c, Elixir of Water Walkingx3 and a Silver Statuette which I got 15 gold for from a vendor.


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