Friday, June 20, 2008

Netherstorm 6/20/08

We, Wranngar and Yonezoe, did some more questing in Netherstorm tonight. Yonezoe leveled up to 69 and she has about 18 more bars until 70. I gave her a Riding Crop I made to celebrate hitting 69. Some of the quests I was able to do and some I had already done when I was leveling Wranngar there. We really didn't have any problems until we got to Quest: Shutting Down Manaforge Ara then the sheer volume of mobs that come out overwhelmed us and we had to get some help. Yonezoe got a friend of hers, Yangkwen, Champion of the Naaru, to give us a hand. We didn't have too much problem after that although the shutdown did reset twice before we got it shut down. After that it was getting late so we called it a day. Hopefully she will be 70 by the end of the weekend.


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