Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scholomance 6/12/08

We did a Scholomance run today to do a Warlock quest, Imp Delivery, for Beanaste. Scholomance is an instance either by or in Western Plaguelands, I am not sure exactly what zone it falls into. It was me on Wranngar, Yonezoe and Beanaste. While I was waiting for everyone to get there I worked on my fishing on Wranngar and got it up to 356. When we got inside we had to make our way to Rattlegore and kill him to get the Viewing Room Key. Unfortunately this is a one time use only key so it disappears when you use it. After we got that we had to make our way to the Viewing Room. Once we got there we went through the Viewing Room into the Alchemy Lab and had to kill a few more mobs in there. Then Beanaste let the imp out of the jar and he transcribed the scroll and we were done. Now he has a few more quests to take care of and we can summon his Dreadsteed, the Epic Warlock Mount.


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