Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/30/08

I only did battlegrounds today. I did them on Wranngar. I did 14 battles in AV, 8 wins, 6 losses. AV was the daily battleground today too, I got that out of the way on the second battle. Jacedic fought in a couple of them with me, I think we had two wins and one loss while he was there. The Alliance wasn't doing too bad overall but the AFK's are killing us. We had a couple battles where almost half our team was AFK, Blizzard needs to do something about this problem instead of just saying they are doing something about it. It is hard to believe they are doing anything about it when you see the same people AFK day after day, week after week, it is sad. For the most part the strat that seemed to be working today was rush FWGY then move forward and backwards and cap towers and GY's. The strat that continues not to work is take and hold SHGY, we lost a couple due to that and a couple more due to people going for Galv first. We won one battle on reinforcements and the rest killing Drek so I got some pretty good honor out of it. We only had a couple battles, one was where almost half the team was AFK, where we didn't get any towers and almost no honor. The Horde won most of their battles on reinforcements as they usually do, that is due to AV still being unbalanced even after Blizzard "fixed" it. Anyway I got some good honor and a lot of kills along with the 11g99s and Alterac Valley Mark's of Honor which I have to let expire in my mailbox because I can't carry anymore.


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