Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Battlegrounds 8/18/08

I haven't written about the battlegrounds lately because the Alliance have been doing so bad there is really not much to say. From 8/15-8/17 I fought in 40 battles on Wranngar, 16 wins and 24 losses. It was a bad few days. I don't know what is wrong but the Alliance is performing worse than usual which is pretty bad.

Battlegrounds 8/18/08 - I fought in every battleground today, we did good in some and bad in others. I fought in 7 AV's, 2 wins and 5 losses. For some reason lately people are taking and holding SHGY, they are doing it on a regular basis and, as usual, it causes a turtle, long battle and loss. In our 2 wins we rushed FWGY or FWRH and capped the towers for the win. The last battle we won it was really close. The Horde started on Vann before we started on Drek but because they had so many on defense we were able to DPS Drek down before they were able to get Vann. In one of our losses we had FWRH, FWGY, and of course Galv as people seem to be doing him first thing lately, but we did not have IBT or TP and could not take down Drek with 2 towers up. You can tell a lot of the people have no clue what they are doing in there when they are saying to rush right to Drek and kill him. I keep telling them to learn the importance of the towers. Each tower represents a Warmaster in with Drek and also adds +25% to Dreks health. When there are 4 towers up Drek is at 200% health and he has 4 Warmasters with him along with 2 Elite Frostwolves. Hopefully people will learn or put their characters back on eBay where they got them. I also fought in 3 Eye of the Storm, 1 win 2 losses. This is a battleground we usually dominate in, if that gives you an idea how bad the Alliance is doing. I fought in 8 Arathi Basin, 4 wins and 4 losses which is about right for that battleground. The strange thing there was it was there holiday weekend which is when you usually get the worst players, the "weekend warriors" that only go into the battlegrounds for the extra honor. I fought in Warsong Gulch too, a battleground we usually do really bad in but we ended up winning 4 and losing 2 so everything is whacked :). Hopefully things will even off during the week and get back to normal.


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