Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Battlegrounds 8/19/08

Today's battleground was Arathi Basin. I am not sure what the Alliances problem is lately in ALL battlegrounds but it was another pathetic day in the battlegrounds for the Alliance. It took me 9 battles on Wranngar to get my daily done, 9 battles before we had a win :(. Nap time must have been over and the kiddies were rearing to go it seems. People could not be content with holding the 3 nodes you need for the win, they had to spread out with 2 going to one and 3 going to another, fighting on the roads which leads to nothing and basically leaving one person to defend a node if any at all. When the Horde comes in to take a node they come in 5 or 6 so one person doesn't last long. Anyway we won the 9th battle I was in and I was able to finally get out of there. After that I did some Eye of the Storm, we weren't doing a whole lot better in there. I was in 5 battles, 3 wins and 2 losses. Once again people seemed to be more interested in getting the flag than they were in capping and defending towers. The way to win in EoS is to have at least 3 towers THEN run the flag. We had people, half the team, going for the flag when we didn't even have a tower, tell me those aren't little kids. They would get the flag and have nowhere to go with it. I did 5 AV's also and that was just horrible. We had one win and 4 losses. People were not working together and, of course, they were going for Galv first. In one battle, loss, at least 10 people went for Galv, breaking down the offense, and didn't even kill him, then everyone ended up back in DB and decided to stay there and turtle. In the one battle we did win we won by rushing FWGY then getting FWRH, FW Towers and TP. After we had those capped we killed Drek. Most of our losses the Horde won on reinforcements. The Alliance wins about 1 in 20 wins on reinforcements but people are still arguing that we need the 100 reinforcements Galv knocks off the Horde. It is crazy. There was a lot of AFK in all the battles I was in, the AFK problem now is worse than it has ever been in spite of Blizzard "working" on the problem. In the attached screen shot you can see how many people had 0 damage, 0 heals and 0 caps 10 minutes into the battle. There were also AFK in EoS and AB which really hurts because you have much smaller teams.


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