Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Battlegrounds 8/4/08

Today was another bad day for the Alliance in all the battlegrounds except, surprisingly, AV. I fought in battles in all battlegrounds on Wranngar. Eye of the Storm was my daily and I won the first one I was in, then went back for 4 losses. I don't know what the Alliances problem was today in a battleground we usually do very well in but we just couldn't get it together it seems. I only fought in 2 WSG battles, both losses but I did get to capture the flag a couple times. I only fought in one AB and it was so bad I decided not to go back. It wasn't a 5 cap on the Horde's part but it was one of the worst I have been in without the Horde 5 capping us. There was no teamwork, everyone was running around doing their own thing, no one was working together towards one goal. AV on the other hand we didn't do too bad in especially considering it was still their holiday weekend. I was in 9 battles, 4 wins and 5 losses. The strat that still seems to be working well is rushing FWGY and then moving back and forward and getting the towers from there. Of course, like any plan, that only works if everyone follows it and the Alliance seems to have a problem following even the simplest plan. Of course we were plagued by AFK in every battle I was in. My TuringTest AFK Reporter is working well and it would be great if at least 5 people in every battle had it installed as it takes 5 people to report someone before they are marked AFK. I think if 5 people in every battle had it, AFK would be a thing of the past. I advertise it once in every battle and hopefully people will catch on.


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