Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Battlegrounds 9/1/08

I decided to head into the battlegrounds to see how the Alliance was doing in there. I picked up the daily, Arathi Basin, and headed in there. The Alliance is still doing pretty poor in there, it took me 3 battles to get my daily done. Between battles 2 and 3 in Arathi Basin I went into Eye of the Storm where it appears we are still doing well despite the fact people can't seem to follow simple directions. The plan was to get MT, DR and either FRR or BET before going for the flag. When the battle started 7 people went directly for the flag, so much for a plan. I headed to FRR, as I usually do unless we have assigned group positions, and we had a pretty good fight there as there were only 3 of us trying to get it from 5 Horde. We had a healer for a change and somehow managed to get it. At that point I noticed we also had BET, DR & MT so that gave us a 4 cap. We trapped the Horde on their rock and it was over pretty qiuck. After that I decided to see how we were doing in Alterac Valley. I went into the first one figuring someone would grab SHGY and it would be all over but that didn't happen, instead people moved forward in a group, with the exception of the AFK in the cave and the ones that run into DB at the start, as we took IBT, TP, Galv and moved up to FWGY. Everyone was working together and it showed what teamwork can do. From FWGY, which was not completely capped and empty when I got there..... we moved into Frostwolf Keep and took the relief hut and towers. When we downed Drek the Horde didn't have anything capped or capping in DB, they were just starting to get in. That was a Maximum honor game. Of course there are still the people that have no clue how AV works, someone, I assume they were in DB, was yelling hurry up because the Horde were going for Vann but with 2 towers up they could go for him all they want, they weren't going to get him. The second AV battle I was in didn't work out as well although we did win after close to an hour. We won that one on reinforcements and it was close, we won by about 140 reinforcements. That was due to too many people going for Galv at the start. I think a lot more battles would go a lot better if people just left Galv alone but in this case I guess it ended up helping in the end as we won on reinforcements. It seems the quality of players it getting a little better, not really good but good enough to win. On another note I have 100 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor, 100 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor, 100 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor and 92 Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor. 100 marks are the most you can carry so I am almost maxed out on all the battlegrounds that give them. I also have 70,000 honor and the max on that is 75,000 so I will soon be maxed out on honor too.


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