Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Battlegrounds 9/2/08

Today's daily was Eye of the Storm and I got it done on Wranngar in the first one I was in. I turned that in for 11g99s plus the 419 extra honor that you get from the daily. After that I headed into AV for 1 win and 5 losses, seems the Alliance fell right back into their clueless groove. You would not believe the amount of AFK in all the battles I was in. There is a new twist now that a lot more people are using TuringTest AFK Reporter, you see a lot of people at the end with 1,000 dmg, 1,500 dmg and so on, they just hit something once in awhile so it does not report them AFK. To give you a basic idea, most people have between 50,000 all the way up to 200,000+ dmg when a battle is over. It is really sad that these losers are costing us so many battles... In the one we did win we had a lot of people that were actually playing and we rushed IBGY, got that, then it was no problem to take IBT, TP, Galv then move on to FWGY, FWRH, East and West towers and finally Drek. That was a maximum honor game. We had another battle where we were doing really good then someone decided to take SHGY which cause the Horde to start rezzing at FWRH and that coat us the battle right there. When will people learn? It is the same stupid mistakes over and over again that cost us so many battles along with all the AFK... Blizzard really needs to get their act together and do something about all the AFK in ALL the battlegrounds, it is really out of control. Once someone is marked AFK they should have 60 seconds to clear it or they are kicked from the battleground with a 24 hour deserter debuff. They get 3 of those in one month they get banned from the battlegrounds for a month, first offense. Second offense they are banned from the battlegrounds for life. What they are doing now, if anything, is definitely not working that is for sure.


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