Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brieanna 9/3/08

I only got to play for a little while today but I got Brieanna up to level 20. One of the guildies from my guild took me on a run through Deadmines and I got a few really nice pieces out of there. When I got done with Deadmines I was less than a bar from 20 so I did one quick quest in Westfall, that I picked up in Stormwind, and that put me over the top. Only 10 more levels until I can ride again. It is really hard going from riding swift mounts to having to walk everywhere. Anyway I got a nice leather chest piece that dropped off VanCleef, a nice pair of leather pants and a nice polearm. all that should help me going forward. I need to take some more screenshots as I only have a couple so far.


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