Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brieanna 9/19-20/08

In the last couple days I have been questing in Southshore, Wetlands and Duskwood with trips back to Stormwind as the quests require. I got Brieanna up to level 32 between logging over to Wranngar to help guildies and getting her cooking up to 225. 225 is as high as I can go until I reach level 35. So now I am waiting on level 35 for first aid, cooking and I am sure I will be waiting on it to level my fishing past 225 too as that is also a quest. I cleaned up all my old quests so now all the quests I have are Yellow, Orange and Red. I will probably work on her some more tomorrow and I want to do the daily fishing on Wranngar, I haven't done that in awhile.


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